• If you have information, opportunities or questions about OAA, contact President, David Terrar at president@olneyartassociation.net

  • If you wish to become a member, renew or ask a question about membership, contact Membership Director, Barbara Kahla at olneyartinfo@gmail.com.  Also contact the Membership Director if you wish to add your name to our online OAA Directory of Members.
  • To add or change an image in our Member Gallery contact the Web Tender, Susan Brown at webwork@olneyartassociation.net.  Any member can post one image in our Member Gallery.
  • To purchase an art work please contact the artist using our Member Directory.  If there is no contact information in the Member Directory please use the Contact Form below.  The information will be sent to the artist and the artist will contact you.

We would love to hear from you!

To contact us please send an email to olneyartinfo@gmail.com

Current Officers

President – David Terrar, president@olneyartassociation.net
Vice President – Joan Hobbs, vicepres@olneyartassociation.net
Secretary – Sandra Yagel, secretary@olneyartassociation.net
Treasurer  – Sandra Bourdeaux, treasurer@olneyartassociation.net
Newsletter Editor – Lori Myers, newsletter@olneyartassociation.net
Membership Director – Barbara Kahla, membership@olneyartassociation.net
Historian – Barbara Kahla, olneyartinfo@gmail.com
Web Tender – Susan Brown, webwork@olneyartassociation.net

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